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Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson is the CEO of The Cutting Ed, Inc., a consulting company that specializes in helping clients envision education and training for the 21st century. He has more than 20 years experience working in education and figuring out how to use technology to his advantage.

Kevin’s start with technology began as a 14-year-old teaching himself to program. Completing his bachelor’s degree at Eastern Illinois University and his masters at the University of Illinois, Kevin developed curriculum and taught in academic and corporate environments for the next 13 years. Due to his desire to save paper (not to mention not wanting to fight for the copy machine), he started providing lecture notes and other resources to students on CDs. As the Internet emerged, he began teaching Web development courses. It was a natural transition to move from burning CDs to placing course content on the Web. Before long, Kevin was interacting with his students electronically and his interest in online education began.

Kevin stays triple-busy pursuing his doctorate of education degree in Instructional Technology and Distance Education. As you might guess, he is studying online!