About Susan

Image of Dr. Susan Manning
Dr. Susan Manning
Susan Manning is best known as a teacher’s teacher. She develops faculty and prepares them to teach online. Susan teaches online courses for the University of Wisconsin at Stout and the University of Illinois’ Illinois Online Network in online learning, instructional design, technology tools, the synchronous classroom, and group work online. She has taught hundreds of faculty, including international faculty from Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Vietnam and Russia. Because Susan’s teaching career began with adult students learning English as a second language, she continues to teach immigrants at Waubonsee Community College. These students remind her that basic human interaction and communication skills always trump technology.

Susan’s online career began more than 10 years ago when she was asked to investigate the possibility of training literacy volunteers online. Knowing that she needed additional training and skills development, Susan became an online student and earned her certification as Master Online Teacher from the University of Illinois. Additionally, she holds a doctorate in Adult Education from Ball State University, a masters in College Student Personnel from Bowling Green State University, and a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Truman State University.

Susan can be heard regularly on The LearningTimes GreenRoom podcast www.ltgreenroom.org, a series she co-hosts with friend Dan Balzer as they examine issues and topics related to learning.